Participant Directed Retirement Plans

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Retirement Plans

Oftentimes, your employees’ present level of comfort depends on the confidence they have in their financial future.

Participant choice, profit sharing and deferred compensation plans have evolved into complicated and puzzling entities. The Plan Sponsors and investment committees of 401(k) and 403(b) plans bear a significant fiduciary burden. As a co-fiduciary, Welch Hornsby provides leadership to the investment committee and assists them with drafting investment policy statements to selecting and monitoring investment management options to negotiating fees with vendors. Vendor management is increasingly critical to a successful 401(k) or 403(b) offering. In addition, fees can be hidden and difficult to force to the surface.

Specifically our service offering includes:

  • Selection and monitoring of investment options
  • Investment Policy Statements
  • Vendor Management & Accountability
  • Fee Benchmarking and Provider Searches

At Welch Hornsby, we speak the language. We are only paid by our clients. We are an objective voice. We are an advocate for plan sponsors, investment committees and ultimately each Plan Participant.

Fiduciary Risk and Liability

It is important to reduce fiduciary liability by establishing a fiduciary process. We can assist in this process by helping to establish an Investment Committee, providing fiduciary training to Investment Committee Members and Plan Administrators, establishing a fiduciary file, conducting regular Plan and investment reviews and assisting in the documentation of Plan and investment decisions.

Vendor Management & Accountability

We assist clients in managing service provider relationships. Some areas we can provide assistance in are negotiating service agreements and fees, maximizing services to Plan participants and Plan Sponsors, and planning and coordinating participant education initiatives and strategies.

Investment Policy Statement

We assist in the development and ongoing review of the Plan’s Investment Policy Statement, which serves as a guide for fiduciary oversight of the Plan.

Selection & Monitoring of Investment Options

We assist clients in maintaining a competitive menu of investment funds, enabling participants to construct attractive well-diversified portfolios. We can also assist in the creation and monitoring of risk-based model portfolios.

Fee Benchmarking & Provider Searches

We provide three levels of due diligence services related to plan recordkeeper and other service provider fees.

  • Benchmarking – Includes a comparison to other plans similar in scope to Client’s Plan.
  • Limited Scope Provider Search- Includes actual fee and service proposal review from appropriate service providers.
  • Comprehensive Provider Search- Includes an in-depth search process to review and select a service provider to meet Client’s needs.

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