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Every entity is unique. From a university endowment to a hospital foundation to a family’s private foundation, we create and design portfolios to meet specific goals.

At Welch Hornsby, we have a long history of working closely with investment committees, boards, and family members to craft comprehensive portfolio solutions to meet the entity’s distinctive needs. It begins with understanding your mission and how your investment portfolio integrates into it. We strive to ensure each member of the organization has a voice in an effort to bring the group to a common objective for the portfolio. We educate clients on the impact of a spending policy through ongoing cash flow analysis. Quarterly consolidated reports help measure success and bring the group together for a regular and healthy exchange.

By working together, we aim to bring financial stability and health to your unique entity thereby safeguarding your mission and legacy for years to come.

Endowments and Foundations

Your endowment is your future. We help you build it.

Defined Benefit Plans

You have a company to run. That’s hard enough. As co-fiduciaries, we will help you design a portfolio to help provide for your employees when their service is done.

Healthcare Entities

Understanding that investments, hospital balance sheets, and bond ratings are all intertwined in a successful portfolio design is critical.  So is educating and leading a board of busy people. Our experience can help.

Non-Profit Organizations

You are busy delivering service to your worthy clients and have a board from many walks of life. We understand board dynamics are complex, especially when it comes to investing endowment funds. We provide leadership and more.


All municipal employees deserve the peace of mind that their retirement is there for them when they are ready for it. Designing a portfolio to achieve an actuarial return and navigating board dynamics will be paramount to your success. We want to help.

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Individuals & Families

We listen closely to design fully-integrated financial plans and investment portfolios.
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Participant Directed Retirement Plans

We assists with everything from drafting investment policy statements to negotiating fees with vendors.
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