Frequently Asked Questions

How are you compensated?

The only people that pay us are our clients. We believe this allows us to sit on your side of the table. No products to sell or outside influences to cloud our advice to you. Our fees are based on the level of assets we manage, and decline as a percentage of assets the more we manage on your behalf. 

What sort of experience should I expect working with Welch Hornsby?

At the beginning of the relationship, with your assistance, we handle everything including the initial paperwork, transfer of assets, and document compilation. The only thing we ask of you is the investment of your time in the process to help us get the answers you need.

Ongoing, you will have regular meetings as necessary with your Planning and Portfolio Management team to discuss important matters in your life. Our experienced Client Service team will also assist with all of your administrative needs.

Beyond this, there are experiences that would be unique to you and other clients and are too numerous to name.

What is the difference between a broker and a registered investment advisor?

A broker generally custodies your investment assets and is guided by the suitability standard.  If the investment is deemed suitable for you then the investment can be made on your behalf whether it fits in well with your entire investment picture or not.  They can also charge fees to you via commissions on the sale of various securities, marketing fees, and investment management fees.

As a registered investment advisor, Welch Hornsby is regulated by the SEC, and is considered a fiduciary.  We must go beyond the suitability standard and only make recommendations which are in your best interest. While RIA’s may charge fees in many ways, Welch Hornsby generates all revenue through transparent asset based fees. 

Do I have to sell all or part of my current investments to work with you?

Not necessarily. While we generally work with your entire financial picture, there may be numerous reasons to keep some current investments. You may have a low tax basis which would trigger a large tax burden if sold, the investment could be illiquid or you may just have a desire to maintain an investment position.

Whatever the case, we will take these investments into consideration as we structure a plan for you.

I live on distributions from my portfolio. How will I receive those?

We can set up regular, periodic transfers on a bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly basis, whichever works best for you. Typically the deposits will just go directly into your checking account.

Can I view my portfolio online?

Yes. You can view either from the custodian website or from the Welch Hornsby website. We have a portal which allows access to daily portfolio information, historical reports, and other planning documents that you might like to view online. While you can also view your assets via the custodian websites or mobile device apps.

Do I fit your client profile?

We generally work with clients with investable assets of at least $1 million. However, we will make exceptions if you are saving aggressively and on your way to that amount. Also, we generally waive minimums for family of existing clients. 

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