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Financial reporting for wealth management hinges on the understanding of performance and the clear communication of the numbers.

Evaluating equity performance should align with the long-term financial goals of your wealth management plan.

A Prescription for Success: Financial Planning for Physicians

Written by Brian Mitchell, CFP®, CPWA®

Creating a tailored wealth management strategy is critical for physicians to achieve financial planning success.

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Please enjoy market commentary each quarter from Chief Portfolio Strategist James W. Underwood, CFA.

The Fed “dot plot” was created in 2011 when interest rates were near zero as a tool to provide forward guidance to investors. Each dot on the plot represents a Fed official’s forecast for future rate targets while the median of these dots is often referenced as the Fed’s projection for future fed funds rate…

Nothing can clear economic policy uncertainty like an equity market sell-off. In many ways, the market’s severe weakness during the final quarter of 2018 was likely a primary driver of the market’s dramatic rally to start 2019, forcing policy makers to rethink messages and expectations. In an interview last October, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell…

Cash rarely tops any list of best performers, but against a backdrop of rising interest rates and collapsing stock prices, cash was king in 2018. Market Turmoil Heading into the final quarter, the S&P 500 (up +10.6% YTD) was poised to deliver its tenth consecutive calendar-year increase (including eight double-digit annual advances). However, the positive…

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Viewpoints are a series of white papers on the way we see life in this financial world we live in today. We hope you will enjoy.

Off to the Races

Written by Jim Underwood, CFA, Chief Portfolio Strategist

As we approach November 8th, I am repeatedly asked, “How will the outcome of the upcoming elections impact investment markets, and which is better for the stock market – Republican leaders or Democratic?” My honest, easy answer (or non-answer) is always – “it depends”. However, let’s see if any broad generalizations can be made based…

Use It or Lose It

Written by Jim Underwood, CFA, Chief Portfolio Strategist

Every time investors believe global central bankers are running out of ammunition to fight sluggish economic growth, policymakers return to the theoretical drawing board, adopting increasingly radical policies that economists can “prove” work in theory, but have minimal practical evidence will work outside of the lab. One of the more recent experiments surrounds the adoption…

The Details in the Dollar

Written by Jim Underwood, CFA, Chief Portfolio Strategist

In the same week the Federal Reserve shut off the printing presses, the Bank of Japan ordered more ink and paper! On Halloween, Haruhiko Kuroda, the Governor of the Bank of Japan shocked the investing community by announcing the central bank would increase its quantitative easing program, boosting its monetary base at an even faster…

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