Investing in Women: Wealth Management for Women in Transition

Women today are financially more powerful than ever, controlling an increasing percentage of the wealth and driving consumer purchasing decisions around the globe.

According to a recent report from the Center for Talent Innovation, women currently have primary or joint control of almost 40 percent of the United States’ $28.6 trillion in investable wealth. And that’s not just as influencers, but as decisionmakers.

Indeed, considering that in the U.S. women control 85 percent of all consumer purchases and are expected to control two-thirds of U.S. wealth by 2030, a new slate of demands and expectations is emerging for wealth management among high-net-worth females.

While women’s ownership of wealth has grown in recent years, challenges both old and new still exist. Though progress has been made, pay inequality and barriers to accessing opportunity in the work place continue to impede women’s professional success. Some women must attempt to balance both career and caregiving without negatively impacting a retirement nest egg.

New challenges have also arisen, such as women increasingly outliving their spouses and often remaining as the only proprietor of estates. Additionally, divorces amongst the baby boomer generation are on the rise and therefore calling into question how assets should be divided.

No matter the circumstance, women entering a new phase of life in which they are the sole stewards of their wealth are likely to meet challenges and questions for the future. In these times of transition, it is important for women to find the right financial advisor who they can trust and who will form a comprehensive approach to financial planning that is tailored to meet both their short-term needs and long-term goals.

In my experience working with women at various stages of life, I have found that my female clients seek financial advice that not only revolves around a sound investment portfolio but also encapsulates their values and what they care about most.

At Welch Hornsby, we work closely with our clients to develop strategic investment solutions that cater to their long-term financial security while building wealth for the people and causes important to them. We believe it is equally important to educate and to empower our clients. We work to understand our clients as individuals as we define financial goals and determine a financial plan and investment strategy that transforms opportunities into realities.

If you find yourself in a transition period and have questions about how you can protect and preserve your financial future, we would welcome the opportunity to speak more about how our experienced team of financial advisors can assist you. To schedule a meeting, contact us here.

Written by Kellie H. McDowell, CFA, CDFA

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