Welch Hornsby Announces the Retirement of Co-founder & Chairman, John Hornsby

Welch Hornsby co-founders John Hornsby and Eddie Welch have been working side by side for over 28 years. It was inevitable that one day one of them was going to be the first to retire from the firm. As they have always been very open in the sharing of their thoughts, it is only fitting that at this milestone they both share their outlook.

From John Hornsby

The mind of man plans his way,but the Lord directs his steps.— Proverbs 16:9

My professional career has been a testimony to me of God’s sovereignty in my life. His leading has far exceeded any plans I could have envisioned for myself. One major part of this journey has been with Welch Hornsby, which I co-founded with Ed Welch, Sr. (deceased) and Eddie Welch over 28 years ago. Our partnership of trust allowed us to create Welch Hornsby from a mutual desire to serve our families and the families of our associates as we sought to serve others with integrity. As a result, this culture attracted some of the best hearts and minds in our industry. Going forward with Eddie’s leadership, the leadership of our second generation and Welch Hornsby’s remarkable team of associates, the future remains bright for Welch Hornsby. Relative to my departure from Welch Hornsby, I am excited about exploring some of my longstanding professional and personal goals, many of which I share with my best friend and wife, Virginia. The many relationships that have been formed over my 33 years within the financial community have been a remarkable blessing to me. As I move forward into this next chapter of my life, I know myself to have been truly and richly blessed. – John S. Hornsby


From Eddie Welch

John and I became friends over 30 years ago. That friendship grew to a partnership and Welch Hornsby was formed. While our partnership is ending, our friendship is enduring. I am happy for John. He has most assuredly earned this next chapter. After such success in co-founding Welch Hornsby, he can now explore passions that have had to remain bridled. Starting and building a company is completely consuming. Now at this point in his life and with this new found capacity, it will be fun to watch John in his new endeavors. As CEO and now Chairman, I remain committed to ensuring our client’s experiences and outcomes are exceptional. I am also focused on continuing to cultivate an environment where good people can flourish and become great leaders. This in an effort to further the legacy that my father, John and I set out to build in 1988. Significantly, this transition grants a well-earned opportunity for the second generation of leadership. It is now their turn to step forward as leaders and owners to contribute at a strategic and management level. We are even beginning to foster a strong third generation of leaders in hopes of building a firm which will live beyond us. We will miss John. That said, as I look ahead, I see a team that is remarkably talented and committed. We work superbly well together and are excited and enthusiastic about the future of Welch Hornsby. We are appreciative of the many friends we have made over the last nearly three decades and hope we are communicating well the spirit of this transition. Most importantly, we are grateful for our clients and look forward to serving you for many years to come. Please feel free to reach out to John, me or any Welch Hornsby team member should you have any questions. – Eddie Welch