John Hornsby, Welch Hornsby Chairman, Talks about the New Birmingham Office

Welch Hornsby’s Birmingham group recently moved into new offices. Chairman John Hornsby reflects on the move and the new space.

What prompted a new office for Birmingham?

We opened the Birmingham office in 2000. Since then we have been blessed with dynamic growth. The growth we have experienced, along with the growth we are anticipating, truly required the expansion that has effectively doubled our space. I think we were also very motivated and excited to create and invest in a space that better reflected the culture of our firm.

What was the feeling you wanted the new space to have?

I think first and foremost our new space should be about people. We wanted our new space to touch our clients and our associates. I mean we really wanted people to feel something special. Obviously, we wanted it to be comfortable and welcoming and inviting, but we also wanted the aesthetics to speak in a simple, graceful way. We wanted the space to, quite frankly, give a sense of peace. We feel how we work with our clients and with one another is enhanced in a surrounding that is refined and crafted. I think it is just attention to detail. We believe in that here. I think our new space is a reflection of that commitment to quality and integrity.

How have clients and associates responded to the new space?

I think that is what makes it all worthwhile. Having people respond in a positive way cannot help but make us all feel positive. The minimalist design and use of materials, along with the strong natural light, are uplifting. We have combined a sense of tactility with technology. Our library of books is as important as our streamlined computers. We want this office to be about inspiration and stimulation. This has been an exciting journey. It is a wonderful feeling to have clients and associates embrace what we set out to accomplish. It has been and continues to be a joy.

The new Welch Hornsby address in Birmingham is 2000 SouthBridge Parkway, Suite 500, Birmingham, AL  35209.